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Know where you want to take your brand but unsure about what visual assets to keep, evolve, lose or add as you move forward? BEES can help answer these questions.
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What is BEES?
BEES is a diagnostic and projective technique that identifies current visual equity and defines direction for future brand design.
What Does BEES Deliver?
  • Qualitative ranking of current visual equities:
    - Identifiers: which define and distinguish a brand
    - Contributors: which project positive brand
    - Passengers: which confuse, dilute or project
       negative values
  • Future Visual Essence
    - The conceptual values design should communicate
    - The executional principles to deliver those values
  • Consumer Sensographics
    - A profiling of your core targets based on their
       visual sensibilities
    - What turns them on and what turns them off
  • Design Mechanics
    - Direction for key executional considerations:
       e.g. communication hierarchy, range differentiation
  • What is it good for?
    - Iconic and established brands
    - Brand identity
    - Packaging design